How much to powder coat wheels

You may have seen those cool black-textured wheels on cars and wondered how to get that look for your own vehicle. Powder coating is a reliable way to customize the look of your wheels and protect them from corrosion. But how much does it cost? In this article, we explore the cost of powder coating wheels to help you make an informed decision.


Powder coating is an effective method used to add durability and aesthetics to metal surfaces. If you’re looking to powder coat your wheels, there’s no definitive answer to how much it will cost, as various factors determine the overall cost.

One of the most crucial factors is the size of your wheels. Generally, larger wheels will cost more to powder coat than smaller wheels. The scope of the project will also determine the price, a single coat will cost less than a multi-coat application. The type of finish you want plays a role too. Generally, gloss finishes are less expensive than matte, satin, or textured finishes.

However, with a simple internet search and quotes from various providers, you can get an accurate estimate for this upgrade to keep your wheels looking new.

Pro Tip: Always do your research, ask for referrals from trusted automotive experts, and don’t compromise on quality over cost.

Benefits of Powder Coating Wheels

Powder coating is an excellent way to protect and enhance the appearance of your wheels. One of the most significant benefits of powder coating wheels is that it provides a durable, long-lasting finish that can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy use. Additionally, powder coating is an environmentally friendly process that produces no hazardous waste or harmful emissions.

When it comes to the cost of powder coating wheels, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • the size and complexity of the wheels
  • the color and finish you want
  • the experience and reputation of the powder coating service provider

The cost of powder coating wheels can range from $400 to $800, depending on these factors.

Pro tip: To save money on powder coating, consider having multiple sets of wheels coated at the same time or opting for a standard color or finish instead of a custom one.

Types of Powder Coatings

Powder coating is a durable and attractive finish for wheels that can resist damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight, heat, and chemicals. The cost of powder coating wheels depends on several factors, including the size of the wheels and the type of powder coating.

Here are the different types of powder coatings:

  • Epoxy: This type of powder coating is known for its excellent adhesion, chemical resistance, and durability. Epoxy powder coating is best suited for applications that require excellent protection against damage from chemicals, abrasion, and impact.
  • Polyester: Polyester powder coating is a great choice for outdoor applications as it provides excellent UV resistance and color retention. It is ideal for use on wheels that are frequently exposed to sunlight and weather conditions.
  • Hybrid: This type of powder coating combines the benefits of both epoxy and polyester powder coatings. It offers good adhesion and durability, as well as excellent color retention and resistance to weathering.

The cost to powder coat wheels can vary depending on the size of the wheels and the type of powder coating used. On average, it can cost between $400 to $800 to powder coat a set of four wheels.

Cost Considerations

Powder coating wheels is an attractive and cost-effective way to give your vehicle a fresh new look. However, several factors influence the cost of powder coating your wheels, such as the number of wheels, the size, the type of coating, and the condition of the wheels.

Here are some cost estimates to give you a rough idea:

  • For a standard set of 4 wheels, expect to pay between $400 and $800 for powder coating.
  • If you want to coat larger wheels, like those found in trucks or SUVs, the price can increase up to $1,200 for all four rims.
  • The color of the powder coating also factors into the cost. Standard colors, like black, white, or silver, are generally cheaper, while custom colors can cost up to $100 extra per wheel.
  • Finally, the condition of the wheels determines whether they require any additional preparation work, such as sandblasting, which can add to the cost.

Pro tip: Contact multiple powder coating providers to compare prices and ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.


Powder coating wheels is a popular and durable finish for a sleek and polished look. Wheels must be prepared before applying the powder coat finish to achieve the desired outcome.

Here are the steps to follow to determine how much powder coating is required for your wheels:

  1. Calculate the surface area of your wheels in square inches (e.g., for a 16-inch wheel, the surface area is 201.06 square inches).
  2. Determine the coverage area of your powder coating material (e.g., if the coverage area is 30 square feet per pound and assuming that one pound is 16 ounces, then the coverage per ounce is 1.875 square feet).
  3. Convert the coverage area of the powder coating material into square inches (multiply the coverage per ounce by 0.13).
  4. Divide the surface area of your wheels by the coverage area of the powder coating material in square inches to determine the number of ounces of powder coating required.

By following these steps, you can accurately determine the amount of powder coating material you need to powder coat your wheels for a successful finish.


Powder coating is a durable and cost-effective alternative to traditional paint for coating metal wheels.

The amount of powder coating needed for a set of wheels depends on their size and the desired finish. A standard 17-inch wheel typically requires 1 pound of powder coating material, while larger wheels may require up to 1.5 pounds.

These estimates are based on a single coat of powder coating. If additional coats are desired for added durability or a custom finish, additional material may be required. It’s always best to consult with a professional powder coating service to ensure that you have the right amount of powder coating material for your specific wheels and desired finish.


Maintenance of powder-coated wheels is essential to ensure their longevity and aesthetic appeal. One of the most common questions regarding the maintenance of powder-coated wheels is how much powder coating is required to restore them to their original condition. The answer largely depends on the type of damage and the severity of it.

For minor damage, such as scratches or small chips, a light touch-up of powder coating may be sufficient. This involves applying a small amount of powder coating onto the affected area and baking it at the appropriate temperature to fuse the coating onto the wheels.

However, for severe damage, a full powder coating process may be necessary. This involves removing the existing coating, sandblasting the surface to remove any rust, applying a base coat, adding the top powder coating, and then baking it in an oven.

It is best to consult a professional to assess the damage and recommend the appropriate amount of powder coating needed to restore your wheels.


In conclusion, powder coating is a great way to protect and enhance the appearance of your wheels. When it comes to determining how much it will cost to powder coat your wheels, there are several factors to consider, such as:

  • the size of the wheels,
  • the complexity of the design,
  • the color and finish options,
  • and the location of the service provider.

Generally, the cost of powder coating wheels ranges from $400 to $700 for a set of four wheels, but prices may vary depending on the aforementioned factors.

Pro Tip: It’s best to seek quotes from multiple powder coating service providers and compare their pricing and quality of service before settling on one.


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