How to save PDF to iPhone – step by step

Struggling to save a pdf to your iPhone? You’re not alone! With users wanting more control over files, this article will help you quickly and easily learn how to save any pdf file directly to your iPhone.

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It is often necessary to save PDF documents on our phones, whether they be eBooks, invoices, receipts or important instructions. Although iPhones do not have a dedicated PDF reader pre-installed, you can still download and save PDF to iPhone quickly and easily.

This guide will go through each step of the process and explain what options you have available. From how to access and view saved documents within the iPhone’s storage system to using online tools to convert PDFs into a format that is compatible with your phone, this guide has everything you need for saving PDFs onto your iPhone smoothly and effortlessly.

Benefits of Saving PDFs to iPhone

The convenience of being able to keep important PDF documents on an iPhone can not be understated. Whether it’s for business, education, or personal use, having the ability to store and quickly access PDFs on an iphone is incredibly useful. There are several benefits associated with saving PDFs to an iPhone which include:

  • Mobility: Easily access and view your stored PDFs from anywhere.
  • Organization: Easily sort and store your files in one central location for quick retrieval anytime you need them.
  • Work from Anywhere: With a saved PDF you can easily edit documents from any place at any time, even when no internet connection is available.
  • Secure Storage: Using the Notes app or other trusted cloud storage services like iCloud or Dropbox ensures your document is secure and always available.
  • Easy File Sharing: Quickly share files by emailing directly from the app or using available cloud storage services like Dropbox and iCloud Drive.

Different Ways to Save PDFs to iPhone

The iPhone is a powerful device, allowing users to do a wide variety of tasks. It also allows for saving different types of files, including PDFs. Knowing how to save PDFs to your iPhone will come in handy for times when you need access to important documents or presentations on-the-go.

Different apps can facilitate the task of saving PDFs to an iPhone. Here are some commonly used ways:

1. Apple Books: One of the simplest ways is using Apple Books—a preinstalled app on iPhones. Users simply need to open the file in the browser, then tap the share icon and select “Copy to Apple Books” from the list of options presented.

2. Notes: The Notes app available with iOS can also be used for this purpose. Using this app also requires users to open the link in their browser and press share, after which they can select “Save PDF To Notes” from the list of options displayed.

3. iBooks Author: For people looking for more features than what normal Apple Books provides, there’s iBooks Author available via iTunes store (free). With this app, users get access to various page layouts and even create interactive ebooks with images and multimedia content along with videos or audio files embedded into them . Users can drag-and-drop their PDF file into iBooks Author window or directly open it from URLs (or email attachments) via Safari/Mail apps respectively asked by iOS and choose which bookshelf(folder) they want it saved into it;or else sync it with iTunes onto their personal book collection library section if needed

4. iCloud Drive: iCloud Drive can be used as a backup storage option pointing out that documents here are safely stored remotely but accessible anytime by authorized logins*. By downloading ICloud drive App uses can transfer any file types utilizing its cloud space just like Dropbox & Google Drive but much more convenient given its native inclusion on OS level* designed as default (with user permissions agreed). (*Requires signing up an Apple ID Account firstly)

Using any of these methods, you will be able to save PDFs directly onto your iPhone without having too much trouble—allowing you, in turn, hassle-free access whenever required!

Saving PDFs from Email to iPhone

Saving a PDF from an email to your iPhone allows you to access it easily from anywhere. This is especially useful when accessing legal documents, manuals or any type of document important to you. There are multiple ways for you to save a PDF from an email to your iPhone. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions for each of these methods.

Using the Mail App:

  1. Open the Mail app on your iPhone and find the email containing the PDF that you want to save.
  2. Tap on the PDF attached in the email so it opens and downloads within the app
  3. Tap on ‘Share’ at the lower left corner of your screen
  4. Unfold options such as ‘Copy To Books’, ‘Print’, ‘Save To Files’ and more
  5. Select one of those options and tap ‘Save’
  6. Your PDF should now be saved within that chosen app

Using Safari Browser:

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone and navigate to the web page where a PDF is located that you want to save
  2. Find and tap on the link/file associated with that PDF file
  3. The download should automatically start, ask you where you would like to save it
  4. Select ‘Open In…’ located at bottom right corner of your screen
  5. Choose an option such as iBooks, Dropbox or Microsoft Word
  6. Highlighted regions become blue when selected
  7. Tap ‘Save To Files’
  8. Your PDF should now be saved within Files App

Using Other Third-Party Apps:

  1. Download an app in Apple Store associated with managing PDFs
  2. Follow instructions provided by downloading a third-party application
  3. After downloading find your desired file associated with saving a pdf
  4. Once selected choose ‘Open In…’ or Save To option 5
  5. Access files stored using this new software
  6. Your pdf should now be saved.

Saving PDFs from the Web to iPhone

A Portable Document File (PDF) is a file format developed by Adobe Systems that is used for exchanging documents between different applications and operating systems. You can easily save PDFs to your iPhone to read or share.

For PDFs on web pages, viewing the page in Safari on your iPhone is the easiest way to save them. After opening the page in Safari, tap once on the center of the screen and a set of options will appear along with a blue “Open in” button at the top right corner. Select this button and choose “Copy to iBooks”. The PDF will then be saved into iBooks where you can view it offline or share it with others via AirDrop or Mail.

You can also choose to add passwords and/or sign documents within iBooks for iOS as part of Document Sharing. To view a password-protected document, simply open it up in iBooks and enter your password (if required). After signing a document, you can immediately select its ID from an e-mail or attach it securely to other documents when needed.

The above steps should help you save and securely access PDFs directly from your iPhone so that you can access important documents quickly and conveniently when needed.

Saving PDFs from iCloud Drive to iPhone

The iPhone allows users to save PDF files directly to the device, making them easily accessible in a wide range of apps, including Apple Books. Saving PDFs from iCloud Drive to your iPhone is an easy process that requires the use of two of Apple’s stock apps — iCloud Drive and Files.

Here are the steps for saving PDFs from iCloud Drive:

  1. Start by opening your iCloud Drive app on your iPhone and selecting the PDF file you wish to save.
  2. Once selected, click “Share” from the top menu bar and select “Save to Files” from the list of options presented.
  3. A list of folders will appear; select a folder or create a new one for where you would like the file saved and then click “Save”.
  4. Your PDF file will now be saved in its newly selected folder within iCloud Drive and visible in Apple Books when opened on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.
  5. To view further details about your newly stored PDF file, open your Files app on your device, select “Browse” > “On My [Device]” > “iCloud Drive” > [Folder]. From here you can view more details such as size, date created and modified etc…

Saving PDFs from Dropbox to iPhone

The easiest and most convenient way to save PDFs from Dropbox to iPhone is by using the Dropbox app. After installing the Dropbox app, launch it and select the file you would like to download. Tap on the three dots next to the file and select ‘Export’. From the list of apps that appears, select ‘Save to Files’. If a prompt appears, type in your Apple ID password then set a location where you want to save your audio file.

After that, open the Files app on your iPhone, navigate to your chosen destination folder and select your audio file. Tap on the three dots next to that file and tap on ‘Share’ from the options offered. Finally, tap on ‘Save as PDF’ which makes sure you have successfully saved it in PDF format.


Finally, remember that saving PDFs to your iPhone is simpler than it seems. With a few clicks, you can enable the option to save PDFs from websites like Safari or Dropbox directly to your device so that you can access them offline or quickly access them for future reference.

Having the option of saving a PDF file directly to your iPhone features multiple advantages and conveniences, such as accessing it through the Files app instead of using a web browser, allowing you to easily keep track of all important documents.


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